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Snowy Hydro portfolio

Snowy Hydro has been providing on-demand, reliable energy to Australia for over 75 years. It began in 1949 with the construction of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme.

Described as one of the civil engineering wonders of the modern world, the Snowy Scheme consists of eight power stations, 16 major dams, 80 kilometres of aqueducts and 145 kilometres of interconnected tunnels.

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Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs)

Snowy Energy leverages its connection to Snowy Hydro to forge strong partnerships with Australian wind and solar developer​s​​​ through PPAs​​​. These ​​​​​​PPAs combine the clean energy of wind and solar with the reliable, on-demand power of hydroelectricity. This allows us to offer large commercial and industrial customers a winning combination: ​​​renewable ​​​​​​​energy ​​​​​​matched​​​ with​​​ re​liability.

Through these PPAs, Snowy Hydro ​has ​​​procured ​​​​an im​pressive 1,674 MW of new renewable energy. Long-term offtake contracts provide certainty for wind and solar projects across Australia, empowering our partners to invest in large-scale, clean energy generation.

​Many ​of the PPAs ​​extend for up to 22 years, fostering long-term stability for ​our ​​​renewable development ​​​partners. A​dditionally, with most investments focused in regional areas, we’re actively creating jobs and opportunities for local communities.

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