• TrueGreenTM

    Our premium option, ​for ​​​full traceability of your energy supply and certificates.
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  • NetZeroMatchTM

    Our cost-effective option, supporting your path to net zero.
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  • PowerUp Green

    Our customisable option, supporting your transition to renewable energy.
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    Bango Wind Farm, Yass NSW

Welcome to Snowy Energy

​​We proudly provide ​​100% Australian-owned renewable power ​​matched from the iconic Snowy Hydro ​scheme in the majestic Snowy Mountains, along with contributions from our diverse portfolio of wind and solar farms. Through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), we ensure a reliable supply of renewable energy for your business.

​​As ​​​a​​​​​​​ partner ​​​to assist you ​​​in d​ecarbonisation, we go beyond simply supplying electricity. We offer expert guidance and innovative solutions to help you navigate the ever-evolving energy landscape. At Snowy Energy, you can expect a commitment to passion, expertise, and a genuine desire to see you succeed.

What makes Snowy Energy different?

We built Snowy Energy on customer feedback and cutting-edge research. Plus, with the iconic Snowy Hydro at our core, we can offer unbeatable renewable energy solutions.

  • TrueGreen™ customer

    University of Newcastle

    The University of Newcastle became the first Australian university to sign a groundbreaking 100% renewable electricity contract with us. This seven-year agreement ensures their Newcastle and Central Coast campuses are powered entirely ​by​​​ energy matched from​​​ r​enewable sources.
  • TrueGreen™ customer

    Macquarie University

    Macquarie University achieved a remarkable 92% reduction in their total greenhouse gas emissions with TrueGreen™, and this partnership now extends well beyond just energy supply.
  • TrueGreen™ customer

    University of Sydney

    ​​The ​​​University of Sydney signed a​​​n innovative​​​​ five-​year contract to power all its operations with 100% renewable energy through Snowy Energy TrueGreen™.
  • VECO

    ​In a landmark collaboration, 51 councils from across Victoria joined forces with us for the largest emissions reduction project ever undertaken by local government in Australia.